Every once and a while I am lucky in receiving some broader interest about my work, which commonly ends in a feature on some media platforms. I try to keep a loose track on that and to compile a more or less comprehensive list about these media features here. If you are interested in displaying some of my content on your platform or if you are keen to consult me on aspects of my work, feel free to reach out via my contact data above.

Internet Coverage

Venom Bioprospecting Priority Groups (Lüddecke et al., 2019)

MDPI – Toxins Coverstory (Issue 09/2019)

Salamandra Aposematism (Preißler et al., 2019)

AmphibiaWeb – Species of the week Salamandra salamandra | European Fire Salamander

Chromatography Today – Are Toxic Fire Salamanders more Yellow? Chromatography Investigates

Tarantula Phylogenomics (Foley et al., 2019)

Birdspiders.ch (Youtube) – Ephebopus and Urticating Hairs! Evolution and Husbandry Notes

Lelitkos´s Vogelspinnenwelt – Heute zu Gast: Wolfgang Dibiasi unser Youtube Biologe (brief discussion about our phylogeny and the hypothesis on venom evolution and urticating hairs)

Salamandra Toxin Review (Lüddecke et al., 2018)

Wolfgang Dibiasi (Youtube) – Wie wirkt Salamander Gift?

Springer Animal Science – The Science of Nature Issue Highlight

theethogram.com – Creature Feature: Fire Salamander (very “special” article featuring the fire salamanders role as recreational drug)

Print Coverage

Bsal Taskforce of Hesse

DATZ – Lurchi und der Salamanderfresser (Coverstory of Issue 08/2019)